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Title Ornament Brunhilda ChangeLog Title Ornament

Brunhilda v1.28m for PC (07/22/2010)

Brunhilda v1.28m for Mac (09/09/2010)

  • 22 July 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.27
  • Changes in interface texture (game speed improvements)
  • Fixed problem with some french characters not displaying
  • Fixed errors in german language version

  • 08 July 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.26
  • Added new game mode called Adventure

  • 03 July 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.25
  • Fixed problem with Alchemy minigame not starting in Port and Castle chapter
  • Fixed problem with input blocked sometimes in Forest after detonation

  • 25 June 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.24
  • Fixed problem with Brunhilda sometimes geting stuck after finishing a minigame

  • 18 June 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.23
  • Fixed doors graphic in Castle Courtyard
  • Seal reminder time increased
  • Demon's comments when player is idle time increased
  • Testers added to credits
  • Fixed problem with mist in University

  • 16 June 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.22 BETA5
  • Fixed sparks in Rathold not rendering properly
  • Earthquake spell in Showdown is now castable
  • Changed minigame unlock system
  • Parrots in Port now make sound when found

  • 8 June 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.21 BETA4
  • Solved an issue with sky rendering incorrectly when zoomed during flight sequence on ship
  • Game no longer crashes when chapter is finished with zoom on
  • Resolved an issue with artifacts when rendering scaled particle effects zoomed
  • Fixed caltropes
  • General visual tweaks
  • Fixed horizontal and vertical lines appearing in various places when zoomed
  • Added general workaround for the incorrectly scaled particle effects
  • Spells during fight with Verena are now casted by player
  • Torches in the castle now turn clockwise
  • Fixed resource releasing issues
  • Telekinesis menu now works as intended
  • Polish translation has been corrected

  • 29 May 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.20 BETA3
  • Removed white line appearing in minigames while played from main menu
  • Added mysterious storyline hook
  • Numerous visual tweaks like glowing runes in the forest
  • Changed many icons (garlic, bread)
  • Fixed many typos and spelling errors
  • Added SKIP functionality to minigames (which also returns to main menu while not in storyline mode)
  • Fixed bug when some runes in Wizardry would not be present in the book
  • Fixed bug in Wizardry that alowed runes to overflow lower window
  • Improved Wizardry tutorial
  • Shortened wait time for the first rune in Wizardry by 75%
  • Fixed multiple items flickering when zoomed
  • Removed black lines appearing when zoomed in Wasteland town
  • Zoom highlights are now 70% smaller
  • Fixed problem with zoom deactivating after clicking on specific locations
  • Fixed problem with one of the card highlight not disappearing in Sultan's Palace
  • Fixed problem with double dialogues in Sultan's Palace
  • Fixed problem with minigame's tutorials still appearing after checking the 'do not show this again' checkbox
  • Fixed inconsistent quest descriptions at the end of Port chapter
  • Added one sheep in Village to match number of bells
  • Changed visual aids for tutorial to be more sleek and in line with game style
  • Fixed problem with card not showing proper number of batteries to be found in the Forest
  • Fixed various artefacts in zoom (lines appearing at edges of sprotes)
  • Now after completing the crystal it has a new, more complete, look
  • Changed horns to thorns to wasteland

  • 27 May 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.16 BETA2
  • Added numerous optimizations
  • Fixed the elusive wizardry bug when game would get stuck after closing tutorial

  • 24 May 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.15 BETA2
  • Fixed problem with profile management
  • Fixed problem with Brunhilda sometimes getting stuck
  • Added various ambient visual and sound effects
  • Fixed problem with zoom feature tutorial

  • 11 May 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.1 BETA1
  • Fixed stutterig labels in windows
  • Fixed bug with profile list selection
  • Further improvements to image quality and brighntess in various chapters including Rathold and Laboratory
  • Redone Vo for Vincent character to fit the artwork better
  • Fixed various icons problems (align, colors, lack of icons, wrong icons and misleading icons)
  • Fixed problem with stuttering rendering when fire started in Village
  • Jail and Crypt locations are now no longer one logical location
  • Outro sequence now resets after load to avoid desych
  • Ship diving sequence now resets after load to avoid desych
  • Improved VO quality in first chapter
  • Streamlined tutorial
  • Wizardy minigame: when last rune from track is found, new rune spawns regardless of timers
  • Fixed minor scaling issue with dialogues and tips
  • Added effect to Wizardy minigame
  • Changed dragonflies to wasps to fit description
  • Improved flies sprites
  • Added various ambient visual and sound effects to Rathold, Uni Courtyard, Bridge, Cabin and Castle Courtyard
  • Fixed various typos in stringtables
  • Added Custom cursor checkbox on options screen
  • Added Mute Demon's comments checkbox on options screen
  • Fixed memory leaks in Showdown chapter
  • Fixed problem with ForceField spell cast after load in Silos
  • Fixed problem with ghost particle effect not showing

  • 28 April 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.05 BETA
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Fixed problem with Drunken Rat in Rathold (The journey begins...)
  • Fixed problem with one of the mushroom not always being visible in Cabin (Meeting the Great Wizard)
  • Fixed problem with Dragon compass icon
  • Fixed problem with chair being active after Filemon has left the location Shelf (Meeting the Great Wizard)
  • Fixed problem with one of the lizards not always being visible in Herbalist's Shop (Expect the Unexpected)
  • Fixed problem with crash often occurring after finishing Port of Halenburg chapter
  • Fixed problem with crash often occurring when entering final chapter
  • Fixed problem with game not closing after the demo time elapses

  • 23 April 2010 - Brunhilda v 1.0 BETA
  • Brunhilda 1.0 Beta released. No changes yet.