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Brunhilda 2 - Help us make a great sequel!

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Mon, 20 Dec 2010 (13:35)
I really enjoy the Dark Crystal and can't wait for number 2. My granddaughter Nicole is thoroughly hooked on the game.
More interaction and a longer version!
When can we expect #2 to be available?
Kim A. idea:
Thu, 25 Nov 2010 (21:11)
Brunhilda returns to the magic realm. Her nemasis this time is the Shadow of Black Magic, Granoveus. Brunhilda is in a battle of wit and time to find where Granoveus has hidden the stolen Wand of Moden. This wand possesses powers that can overrun the magic realm with black magic and unleash horrible tribulations on the world.

I would love to see mazes, word searches and once again those lovely potion games. In the searches are rooms in castles, caves, etc and paths leading from one place to another with shortcuts.
Wed, 17 Nov 2010 (12:55)
Introduce a male twin for Verena, Include the aunt as a witch with both good and bad powers. Keep the mouse world and expand it with cheese fantasies and cat warlocks. Include actual puzzles and word-hunt scenes which will provide a magic word needed to enter a world filled with candy and confections which make Demon want to stay there forever. Involve the master wizard more with the journey. Try and make the searched for items a little bigger with more defined edges.
rachel idea:
Mon, 25 Oct 2010 (20:06)
I would love to see some more being in the next game, and maybe a bag for items which you can save and use later on in the game. With more things to keep you busy. I would also like to see more places, say not just the one would but others as well, this way you have more to do and dont have to stay in one would so you idea of the place changes. Say go to the normal world, where you can not use magic to help your quest or place where you magic changes to make it harder to use, or changes all togther so you have to watch out you dont do the wrong thing. Another thing which i think would be good is having a jounal along with you, which you can add info in which you may need later in the game. Maybe names, number pattens or thing like this, so you really do have to pay attention to everything around you, for you may miss something you may need later in the game to help you out. Some other puzzes would be fun too, they coudl be on chests which may hold the items you need later on or then.
Thu, 14 Oct 2010 (11:50)
1. Main plot: Verena impersonates Brunhilda and she is required to go back and correct the problems Verena has caused both in the modern world and magic realm. Her aunt may possibly have what looks like a :bathroom: that actually is a portal.
2. Main plot: Brunhilda has become a detective and discovers magic being smuggled into the modern world and must discover who is behind it. Verena of course.. magic being weak in the old realm but strong in Brunhildas. The crossover betweeen worlds could be interesting. Tracking down smugglers, those who know what they are doing and those who don't, of all kinds.
3. Scenes: Animal rescue run by werewolves:Wizards now working as garbage men. : Zombie Undertaker who detests working with the dead. : Barmen seeing the magical unemployed- The possibility of mini games associated with this would be so varied.:Cannibal fairies running cooking schools where the students seem to disappear.: Victor as taxi.:spells that can backfire.
Mon, 11 Oct 2010 (07:40)
One thing I would love to see in Brunhilda 2 is better implementation of the use of spells and potions. In Brunhilda and the dark crystal I was excited to see the potential of spells and potions, however I didn't feel that the mini games for creating spells and potions was integrated well into the main story. It felt a little disconnected and repetitive, and it would be nice to actually acquire a spell or potion in the inventory once created. Having an increasing aresenal of spells and potions and trying to figure out where, when and how the spells can be used to solve puzzles would make for a more engaging experience. In Brunhilda and the dark crystal, the particular uses for spells and potions was already decided for the player.

Also, when playing Brunhilda and the dark crystal, I had a real sense that it was like a traditional point and click adventure game and that there should perhaps have been some inventory based puzzles. More variety in hidden objects would also be good.
Jack idea:
Fri, 08 Oct 2010 (09:20)
In The Name Of God
The story takes the place two years after the final battle.brunhilda will recieve a codec text from master filermoon.he says that magic has somehow returned to the dark crystal and now he need her for some help.after brunhilda goes there she will find that master filermoon is none other than varena in disguise.varena use death magic on brunhilda and send her to brunhilda has to find her soul parts in the deadrealms and destroy the dark crystal magic and varena's spirit.
Mon, 06 Sep 2010 (20:44)
On the second brunhilda, have the cat come back and haunt you and try to get in your way to the end of the game. I like the rats in the room, so add them back in there. I haven't played it all to the end yet, but i am willing to beta test and buy the next one.

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