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Brunhilda 2 - Help us make a great sequel!

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Fri, 09 Jul 2010 (11:49)
The story: Verena apparently escaped, so bringing her back would make sense. Possibly add an evil sidekick, Demon's opposite. Her's would be evil, of course, but generally overly saccharine/smarmy. Demon is sarcastic; her's could be passive/aggresive.
Perhaps briefly introduce a new, evil character to be used in a subsequent sequel. Switch between them in alternating games, if you don't decide to kill any of them off.
I'd like to "see" most of the same actors for voiceovers; they were outstanding. Once voice I swear I recognized from Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars. The actress for Brunhilda could emote a bit more; more inflection in her voice.
Do keep minigames appropriate to the story; the ones in B1 were perfect in each place they were used. Any new minigames (I have no prefence which type they are) should be plot and action appropriate.
If possible, and not too much trouble, more variety when you replay. The same objects, but in completely different locations, so you won't know where they'll appear.
Do offer 2 modes of play; Casual and Challenging. Challenging could be timed, or adventure style.
Do keep similar game mechanics; Zoom, Hint, Skip, Easter Eggs, Demon's comments, multiple locations.
Make sure related objects are in logical numbers: the same number of paintbrushes as there are cans/tubes of paint; 1 jar/barrel/container then any number of other items that go inside it; less backtracking for single items - make sure moving to a different location involves collecting more than just one item, especially in later chapters.
Adjust Demon's comments when you click on correct objects: if they could occur when you click on several, in a row, but not when you click on the first one. Maybe more variety in what he does say when you mis-click and/or click correctly.
Animated cutscenes between chapters should be consistent: either there IS one between each chapter, or there are none.
juttertje idea:
Fri, 09 Jul 2010 (10:03)
will Verena come back and hunt the little fairies in that dark wood? I like exploring mysterious cities and woods. how will it be with the two lovers from part 1?
do they need your help if Verena returns? and what about that mysterious monk? does he play a bigger role in part 2?

I enjoyed part 1 so much. what a wonderful game.
Thu, 08 Jul 2010 (15:40)
Similar to what you have in Saqqarah with the flying scarabs after a level; It might be nice to see something like that with Faries as a change of pace.. There is so many things in each level that could be used for collection and aren't. I can't stop playing Brunhilda, trying to beat my last score. I wish the game was a little longer and held a little bit more mystery. Maybe a touch of collect three could be added to the game.

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