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Brunhilda 2 - Help us make a great sequel!

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Daniel idea:
Mon, 06 Sep 2010 (07:49)
U should have it so that it shows Bunhilda's feet tee-hee
Wed, 18 Aug 2010 (17:11)
I would enjoy crossword style clues for hidden object lists, it adds another challenge to the game.Example: equine footwear = horseshoe

I really liked the 1st game and am looking forward to the sequel.
Tammy idea:
Tue, 17 Aug 2010 (18:26)
I think it will be interesting for Brunhilda to return to the magic realm. Verona needs to cause some sort of trouble so the magic realm needs Brunhilda's help again. If not, Brunhilda and demon could cause havoc in our world.

I also think it would be neat to meet the aunt and get more of a back story as to how Brunhilda has magical abilities.
Tracey idea:
Tue, 17 Aug 2010 (18:17)
Maybe in the challange mode the magic could last only for a certain time, so to cast a spell or use say as one of your other members invisibility for a set time more of a challange for the more experienced, or if the ingredients in magic used wrong side effects take place good or bad. Would also like to see verona reappeared
Derek idea:
Fri, 13 Aug 2010 (18:17)
I would love for you to expand more on the demon, like whether he is good or bad,and maybe where he came from and how he ended up at brunhilda's aunts. Also I would love to see something happen to Verena because in the first one she just flew away on her broom and I thought one of the spells casted would have done something to her magic. So if you were to bring magic back make it so you can take the magic away from Verena in the ending
Goo idea:
Wed, 11 Aug 2010 (14:58)
I think there should be more mini-games, or at least more variety in the skills available as you unlock higher levels. The four minigames were fun, but there's not much replayability when unlocking a new level is "more of the same, just slightly harder".

As for the storyline, I think you should introduce Brunhilda's aunt, for one thing. There's clearly something going on in their relationship and seeing their interactions would likely be amusing. I also second the return of magic to the Magical World, perhaps a quest to find a way to make sure it's used responsibly. I liked the corresponding "Light Crystal" someone suggested.

Also, maybe bounce between our world and the magic world a bit, as magic becomes more free? The first level in Brunhilda's aunt's apartment was one of my favorites, both in terms of play and story. I'd like to see more magic used for strange real-world circumstances (or more strange things in this world that we didn't know about, like the colony of Asian Rats).
Tue, 10 Aug 2010 (23:06)
all mini games be unlocked when complete game is done.

have a light crystal adventure that when it and the dark are joined they release magic back into realm and nothing can capture magic again, and no one person can get more than the others. what you have is what you can use. magic is just there.

i hate to see a magic realm without magic.

another possibility is that in bringing the castle down the darkcrystal shatters itself forever ... releasing the magic back into realm with the magic becoming alive and getting a memory ... never again will it allow itself to be over used by one person or group of persons or even be captured again. (possibly the magic can talk.teach to users ... BUT you have to be experienced enought to use the result and smart enough to ask the RIGHT questions to get the correct result and answer magic's questions correctly. (i.e. if one asks to loose weight BUT doesnt specify pounds as in size ... can end up floating --- a lesson from magic)).
Tue, 10 Aug 2010 (13:25)
Maybe you guys could do each chapter in a different continent, and have her explore the magic of some cultures... that way there would be more characters, and we could learn about each cultures magic beliefs while playing. Hope you like the idea.
Loved the game and cant wait for the sequel!

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