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Brunhilda 2 - Help us make a great sequel!

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Thu, 15 Jul 2010 (13:53)
Brunhilda 2 Second story.

Brunhilda in search of her aunt Jane was told by Demon that she partook in the study of most exotic magical classes ever to be performed. Jane knowing that the magical realm was weakening and that there had to be a way to help save the realm from this on coming disaster. Leaving Demon to help Brunhilda in her quest to once again find Filemon, and meet up with Jane so they may deal with whom or whatever is the cause of this onslaught to their realm.

Upon entering realm 1. It looked like such a huge mountainous area with lush velvety green meadows, and as I walked through this valley, an ominous feeling overtook me. she was met by a large group of Cyclopes. Not being sure on what to expect from them. She couldn’t help but noticed one Cyclopes in particular who was hunched over in pain. She approached him with caution. She asked if she could help. He {Syke} turned to face Brunhilda and asked if she could but only find his one eye and that in turn he would help her. {game} Brunhilda found his eye and gave it to Syke. He could now engage in finding the portal to realm 2.

Upon entering realm 2. There was much ado with people shuffling in a hurried way. The buildings were enormous and the sky was dark. We were hoping to find any word of Fileman or his where abouts. No such luck, and dark time was approaching fast. It seems that we were heading towards a forest and we were all very tired and looking to rest some before going on. Syke encountered his enemy Draco. {a fire breathing dragon} Draco warned Syke to leave his presence or he would make him into a cyclopes-a-bob out of him. Brunhilda upon hearing this stepped forward shakily and asked Draco if they could make a deal of sorts. {Draco} Mmm, pondering upon this thought and finally agreed if Brunhilda could but only rid him of this foul human {Verena} who uses her magic to enslave him by using his flames to uncover the molten rocks off of the golden treasures she found. {game} {In the game Brunhilda find a mysterious wand of such beauty and elegance}. Showing her find to Demon, he was taken aback for he knew where this wand came from and yet puzzled on how it even got here. Demon told Brunhilda that this little treasure you found is very powerful and that it came from Egypt and no, I don’t know how it got here. {Brunhilda} You don’t need to get nasty about it, I was only asking. Turning to Draco Brunhilda said that she would find Verena and put a stop to her spell. This seemed to please Draco and let them go. Draco also told them of a portal East of the forest that he knew of. After a nights rest they set off in the morning to find the portal. As they came near the portal it seemed in ruins. With many moans and a feeling of sadness over the portal Demon gleefully suggested to Brunhilda to use her wand. Brunhilda raised her eyebrow and thought why not. Removing her precious wand from her pocket and amazed at it’s glorious beauty and not quite sure on how to use it Demon quickly told her to relax and let it flow through you as intended.
Brunhilda looked at Demon questionably and decided to do as she was told, thinking that she would discuss this matter further words. They all watched in disbelief as they portal erected itself and stood straight and sound in front of them.

Upon entering realm 3, past a vast valley of nothingness and to the city, Syke and Brunhilda encountered Verena who is now married to the king, and knowing that she posses the power to have Brunhilda and Syke thrown into the dungeon, which is located under the castle. This now could be done nicely without having to have permission Slamming the cell door as a rat scurried passed her foot. No one will ever find you here, and left laughing leaving them there to rot. Brunhilda reached into her pocket and amazed at it’s glorious beauty she proceeded with letting the feeling flow through her for it knew exactly what needed to be done without words. She realized that this little toy possessed immense power and yielding to obey her every whim as it pulsated in her hand with such brilliance. Brunhilda ordered the release of Syke, Demon and herself back to realm 2. She would have to come up with a plan to tell Draco that the time was not right in having to deal with Verena and that she would have to give it some considerable thought on how to handle the situation. Brunhilda finally planned to bypass Verena and enter into realm 4 She realised that she would have to use her wand to be able to do this and enter realm 4.

Entering realm 4 is an icy cold and desolate place. Brunhilda looking for any means on how to free Draco. Further ahead she noticed a cave and welcomed it’s bit of warmth it could offer. This cave went deep underground and the deeper she went the darker it got. She tenderly removed her wand from her pocket and once again felt it pulsate, even more than ever. She ordered it to light up the cave, and blinking her eyes to adjust them to the light. Brunhilda was in an absolute daze as her eyes scanned her surroundings and realized that she has found the forgotten city and all of it’s glory shimmering in perfect tact. This is the city of Giza in all of it’s splendours. Moving forward she stared in disbelief. Blinking she glimpsed at what look to be a statue and watched it move. Brunhilda edged forward to have a better look at what she was seeing. Ohhh, no. She was looking at Horus, Ra, and other sun Gods. Seb the earth God, Neith the sky God, Isis, Hatsheput, Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Sekhmet, and so many more. As they approached Brunhilda she trembled, and the Gods saw and smiled. We know of your quest and wish to help. Put out your wand and we will replenish with the most powerful source ever created by us deities and this will help you in all your needs, whatever it might be. Brunhilda felt the power surge through her wand and as I looked down it glowed with such brilliance of fire and light. This was the most spectacular even ever witnessed by a human, of course my two friends too. I looked at these power Gods in front of me and thanked them for their generosity..
Brunhilda was now ready to battle Verena and set Draco free. Brunhilda took her wand and ordered it to take them to realm 3.

In a flash of lightening all three of them were taken up and brought to realm 3. Brunhilda was now feeling very secure in herself and ready to deal with Verena. Nearing the city Brunhilda finally found Verena. Brunhilda reached carefully in her pocket and pulling out her wand ordering Verena to kneel on the ground. Verena laughed, and said are you planning to turn me into a toad? Brunhilda said no, worse, and at that give moment Verena collapsed to the ground screaming in excruciating pain. She could not move only feel the pain. Waving her hand at Brunhilda to make it stop. First release the spell you put upon Draco and do it without any of your tricks. Verena obeyed for she had no choice. As Syke kept an eye on Verena, I cast forth a spell to open a portal to realm 2. I could see Draco and told him to enter the portal. Without any difficulty Draco joined us. I noticed that Draco cringed back, and told him not to fear her and that he was free forever. I then turned back to Verena and asked where is Fileman, she said, what am I his mother? Don’t get smart with me. Where is he….. Verena’s replied. He is in our dungeons and has been there for quite some time. Then you better release him Verena. As you wish. Upon entering the dungeons I couldn’t help but feel it’s familiarity and I was prepared for the worst. Crossing the bridge we encountered 20 or more of her pet skeleton’s ready to do Verena’s bidding. Verena immediately sprang into action, me being off guard was pushed down face first on the hard concrete and felt Verena’s hand in my pocket, standing up and laughing, she now had my wand in hand. Verena tried desperately to control my wand and could not get it to work. Verena turned to me with such fire in her eyes and threw the wand off the bridge. She then grabbed me and shoved me in a cell, I stumbled and hitting the ground so hard that I saw the dirt float past me. I could hear Verena laughing saying loudly that her precious Draco once again will be very busy doing the work that he was to do for her. The villainous woman sent Draco back to realm 2. Now I was worried… How could I let myself not be prepared, you know what she is like… I sat down sighing for I was at a loss on what to do next. I called for syke and he answered me back, not far from me. And of course I had Demon with me well hidden I my purse. I called out for Draco and no answer. Drat that vile woman. I swear her day is coming… Demon mentioned to me and if I had remembered the god’s in the museum where we had renovated, painted and redecorated this small place out in no where’s land. Yes I remember that place. Do you then remember the promise of the God’s to help us when needed in appreciation for all the offerings we bestowed on them? I see where you are going with this Demon. I now felt recharged and started to look around my cell. Finding a pail and some worn out buck skin on the ground, probably belonging to the previous occupant, I proceeded to make a drum with the pail and the buck skin tightly wrapped and tied with some rope found in a corner. With this I called upon the God of thunder, the God of nightmare, and the God of pain. I was heard by the God of thunder. With his red glowing eyes, I felt his anger and stepped back. There was a deep rumbling underground and as it got louder the walls started to shake as if there had been an earthquake. The walls collapsed as if it was a cookie being squished in the palm of one’s hand. There was debris and smoke everywhere. I called out for Syke but heard no answer. Looking for him and finding him underneath the debris, I swept away as quickly as I could to release him from the trap of rocks on his body. He is alive and will be okay for now. I also screamed out Fileman several times with no answer. I quickly ran underneath the bridge to look for my wand which was stuck underneath debris of rocks that had fallen from all of the walls into this murky water. I slowly moved the rocks and many hours passed. I was tired and felt the tears well up inside of me. Pressing back my tears I continued to remove the debris and rocks and wanting to give up. I sat back in a daze and thought of all that had taken place, feeling anger stir inside of me I continued. From way down I saw a small sparkle and it felt like it was calling out to me. I now dug with vim and vigour and more determined then ever to reclaim what was given to me by the God’s of Egypt. Yes!! and now it was my turn to laugh as I held up my wand high. It was time to take care of Syke and heal his poor wounds. He has been a faithful friend as was Demon. Removing the rest of the debris off of Syke, I moved my wand over his entire body starting from head to his feet and as I was doing so I felt a different kind of surge go through my wand and I knew it was healing his broken bones. I felt renewed as I watched the healing taking place. I finally saw a smile come upon Syke’s face and watched him get off the ground to stand up, all is well…. After a long time of struggling to get to the surface the three of finally reach it. Brunhilda looked down and said that there definitely is no more dungeon, although the castle stood fine without any damage. I now wanted to go to realm 5. Why, I am not sure except that it seemed to call out to me and needed to go.

Realm 5 is a very strange place called beast island, with gigantic animals, fairies, leprechauns, mermaids, centaur, nymphs, unicorns and so many more. It almost seems like a place where mythology thrives. I set out with the three of us looking for what I don’t know. Traveling a bare and desolate reign is tiresome for there is nothing of importance to look at. Of far I could see trees and we headed that way, and of course it was further then expected. Finally reaching the out skirts of the forest, we decided to spend the night and rest up for the morning. It was peaceful enough until I almost got trampled by a centaur which was being chased by a flock of wild dragon headed turtles. My, the flock seem to be angry Demon said, and I have to agree, said Brunhilda. {Syke} Well seeing that we are all awake, we may as well travel on. They entered the heart of the city, which seemed rather quiet; but then it was still pretty early. The sun rose with the most beautiful orange and fiery shades with rays that almost seemed to reach the ground, yes it seemed it would be a hot day. Critters, animals, and all strange sorts were now busy in the city. Upon passing a unicorn who was busy conversing with a centaurs over Verena {my ears picked and decide to look busy picking through some fruits} It seems that Verena was not like in this city and the ill doings of her outcome will be at hand. With this I decided to speak with them. Hello, my name is Brunhilda, this is Syke and Demon. I heard you talking about Verena and wonde…. I don’t think that is any of your business. I am sorry, I was…. No! how do I know that you three are not working for her or that you are part of her legions. Okay, you don’t, but maybe you have heard of Fileman or Jane Frey. Yes we know of them and as a matter of fact; Fileman is here and heavily guarded by her minions in our dungeon. This is the information I was looking for, thank you, for you have no idea how much this helps. Wait! screamed the unicorn. I am Uni and this is my dear friend Tarus. We wish to join you for I want a piece of Verena myself… Uni took the lead and we all followed. Upon reaching the outskirts of this enormous castle, we decided to rest. As dusk approached we set foot towards the castle knowing that this could become very ugly. Uni decided to call out to one of the guards. Looking over the tower this guard yelled, what do you want! Brunhilda yelled back, we are here to see Verena.. She is not here, go away.. Brunhilda yelling back, would you like to be responsible for sending us away? One could see the guard thinking this over for his face showed much fear. Very well. Brunhilda heard the drawbridge land down with a heavy thud and proceeded to enter as did the others. We were taken to the courtyard pass the garden into a huge room full of trophies of all sorts. One would shutter looking at these trophies and wondering how they met their doom. The guard said that Verena would not be back until sunrise and to stay here in this room to wait her return… Brunhilda immediately set of towards the dungeon. Wait, Uni yelled. I know this castle very well for I was used here by the king for hunting snookies. Snookies? Yes, Demon said, they are a four legged creature with thick fur, very long ears and legs. They were hunted for their meat. Okay, okay, I don’t need their history. Just stipulating the facts, replied Demon. Leaving behind Syke and Tarus Uni took the lead and Brunhilda followed. In no time they were in the dungeon. Uni upon seeing some of her dear friends chained and looking bedraggled as though they had known of the torture that Verena bestowed upon them, as tears welled up in her eyes, she promised herself to do likewise to Verena. Brunhilda called out for Fileman and not hearing a response walked on. Fileman, Fileman, she was now screaming his name and did get a response from afar. Her eyes gazed upon Fileman and quietly wept sweeping the tears away. Fileman’s cloths were just shreds, clinging to his skin and covered in blood. He lost so much weight that one could see his bones and could only imagine what took place. Fileman are you able to walk? I am to tired and weak… he started to say, when Brunhilda cut him off. How dare you say that, you of all taught me never to give in and to stay strong mentally no matter what…. Then Demon cut in saying why don’t you use your wand on him? Sheepishly smiling at Demon she reached for her wand in her pocket, upon release it opened with all of it’s wondrous glory, pulsating in her hand, Brunhilda placed her wand over Fileman’s body, and as the wand started beaming with such brilliance, Fileman could feel the warmth emanating throughout his body. He then wondered on how could this be happening from a simple wand… Now standing, Fileman has not felt this good for a long time, still very skinny but none the less able to walk. Brunhilda saw the look on Fileman’s face with many questions at hand, she quickly said to Fileman; I will answer your thoughts at a much later time, as for now we must leave this realm and bring you to safety. Before leaving Brunhilda unlocked all of the cells and rid them of their chains. Very smooth…. said Demon. Feeling safe for now in the trophies room it was discussed on where does Verena actually live, on what realm? Tarus said, She has many realm that she has control of, and she is married to the king of Realm 5. Strange, I thought that she was married to the king on realm 3. and that Fileman was in the dungeon there. No, she just likes to keep others guessing; I guess so she feels safe. So this is where I will make my stand. Just yourself? Asked Uni, I want a piece of her I told you, Uni said angrily. No! me and Tarus stay, we have our reasons. Okay. Syke, I don’t know much about your realm 1. What is it like? Well…. It is small and so is the population. As far as Verena… we’ve have never heard of her until I met you. So, if you are thinking of sending Fileman there do so, syke said. Am I right? Is this your plan? Yes, Syke it is. I also plan to stop off at realm 2 to free Draco as promised. Brunhilda turned to Fileman and asked what island is Jane on, his reply was that she is on Island of Paradise. The island of Paradise got its name because of its beauty, land, sea, and the birds. It is very well known for their abundance of books in one of the biggest Library studies ever to be, in any of the realms. I thought that she would have finished her work by now and could already be back on realm 6. Okay… said Brunhilda, rethinking her plans. I will still take Fileman to realm 1; for Verena would never think of him being there and he would be safe. Then I must get Draco and I will go to realm 6 to look for Jane. If all goes well, which I hope it will, I shall return here to realm 5. We will have about 2 hours left before Verena comes back here. Make haste and plan. I opened the portal to realm 1 and again I got this questionable look from Fileman. As we entered the realm we were greeted by many cyclopes’s and surprisingly welcomed. Many of them remembered me for the help that I had given Syke, in his need of pain. This is Fileman, may he stay here with you until I return? This was fine with them and felt no worries for Fileman. I now left for realm 2 and noticed Fileman smiling at me, still wondering how a simple wand could perform so much. In search of Draco which took more time then expected, I sat down and trying to clear my head. Ahhh, he was to enslave for removing the molten rocks off of the golden treasure that Verena found. Mmm, there is only one place were Draco could be. In an enormous cave to the East off of a cliff. I set off. I finally found the cave and entered. It was so dark in here I decided to ask my wand to please light the way. Upon seeing many enslaved animals working so hard and collapsing on the ground from exhaustion. I decided to ask my wand set them all free. The chains melted off them like a hot knife slicing through ice-cream. In no time Draco was by my side for he knew that I was here simply by watching the chains melt off, and that I would have been the only one to perform such a deed. I then briefed Draco quickly on what was taking place and that I was in a hurry to get to realm 6 for I had spent more time then expected. Draco surprised me by wanting to help any way that he could. I opening the portal to enter realm 6 for the both of us. Ah, it felt so good to be back home and wished that none of this was taking place. I immediately headed straight for home excitedly, feeling disappointed that Jane was not here, nor had been. I sat down, putting my face into the cusp of my hands thinking that It would have been a benefit for her if Jane was here, for with her maturity and experience it could have been so very easy. Draco saw my sadness and comforted me by reminding me that I was an extra-ordinary person with a wonderful gift. I believe this is just what I needed to hear, I stood up and I was ready to go. Not quite sure on what to do and couldn’t waste the any more time. I decided to head for realm 5 for there was only 45 minutes before Verena would be back at the castle. Opening the portal we both jumped in and landing quite the distance from the castle. This is very inconvenient for we had a long ways to go to get to the castle. Ho-hum, said Draco. I have wings encase you didn’t notice and they are used for flying. Very funny… said Brunhilda. Yes I thought so too. Before long they had arrived at the castle. Using the entrance from the dungeon they immerged quietly to enter the long hallway back to the trophy room. Every one sighed from relief as we both entered, as I closed the door softly behind me. Tarus asked me if I had found Jane, no.. I replied, Pity though; she is so experienced with these matters. At which Demon replied, yes.. Yes she is, BUT…. she does not posses this beautiful gift that you received from the Egyptian Gods and can do such wonders. Have faith in them and at the wondrous wand you have in your possession, for it truly is riddled with their love. Demon was right. I need to remember them as I saw them in their glory while I was with them. I am now set and wait patiently, as do the others for Verena. She would be here soon. I guess that I must have dozed off, for it was Syke waking me back to reality. Verena is here. We could all hear her vile laughter echo throughout the castle. She was now near the door. With anticipation, the door finally opened. Verena now stood in front of us and laughed even louder at seeing us. What is this… a gathering of the awkward flock. Uni replied, You would think somewhat. Okay! Enough! Why are you all here, what do you want!! Brunhilda replied YOU. So what is stopping you? And noticed that Verena had her wand out in front of her in a flash. The first to go down was Uni and groaned in pain as she landed hard on the concrete. Tarus ran to her side and trying to ease her pain. You Verena are a vile woman. Upon these words Verena pointed her wand at Tarus and I watched him simply fall towards the fire place and drop as he hit the hearth. Verena swung around quickly screaming, next? Shall I proceed or is this party over? Demon looked at me and stepped forward towards Verena spitting acid in Verena’s eyes. Screaming in pain which made her minions open the door to find out what was going on. Holding their weapons high and ready to aim. I quickly pulled my wand from my pocket and felt the heat from it as it pulsated with a glowing light. This now attracted the minions to me because of the glow. I was ready and took my wand pointing it to her minions, they were searing in pain and they dropped their weapons to the ground. Syke ran and picked them up. Draco with his fiery flames shooting it towards the minions, and one by one screaming as they were being burnt dropped to the ground. I now had time to look at Verena who obviously was in pain. I reached grabbing her to stand. Now the party is over Verena. I have just the place for you which only a few people know of. You might say it’s a bit of hell all in one. You seem to be very fond of dungeons and having left a lot of people, creatures and animals there to rot, I now have the same for you and its hot, a volcano runs through it.
Tarus had a concussion from his fall with a big goose egg on his head. Uni had a broken leg and she will be fine in due time. And as for Demon, well, well, wonders never cease. He just looked and winked at me reassuringly. I feel great said Brunhilda, as she once again glanced at Verena. Uni answered and so do I knowing that Verena will spend the rest of her life in a dungeon. And well deserved said Syke. Yes… and I am finally free added Draco. I am off with all of your permission to take Verena to her suite. Excuse me Brunhilda… but, I, I, don’t know about the others, but I wish to go with you and remain by your side, said Syke. Tarus said that he and Uni just wished to go home, knowing that Verena will never intervene with their lives anymore. Draco mentioned that he wished to travel for he was denied this because of Verena. So… Okay. That leaves me, Demon and Syke to pickup Fileman and head on home. Now picking up Verena who was obviously blinded from the acid, I now opened the portal to Island Paradise to drop off a very special guest.
Irene idea:
Thu, 15 Jul 2010 (01:10)
During the magic battle in the endgame, there was somehow a tiny rip in the fabric between our world and the magical realm. Verena was thrown into our world and ended up in Hollywood. With all the movie making special effects going on, no one can tell the real magical mayhem caused by Verena from the fake stuff. This caused some comical problems until Verena realized she can capitalize on her skills and became a big time FX superstar. She uses her new found fame to brainwash celebrities, amass wealth & power, change reality etc. Brunhilda had to expose Verena's evil scheme & correct all the wrongs committed. In the process, Brunhilda will need to travel back to the magical realm to get help or special objects/potions to counter & combat Verena.
teop-RA idea:
Thu, 15 Jul 2010 (00:19)
I think the next game should have a decision section where Brunhilda has options which will lead in different directions but will not affect the final ending.
Ciska idea:
Wed, 14 Jul 2010 (02:56)
I would love to see a story where Brunhilda and her Aunt are doing the mission and you can play both characters. Both characters would have a bit different gameplay.

Verena stole the Demon and they have to search for it...
Tue, 13 Jul 2010 (08:09)
I really enjoyed Brunhilda and, even though it is a rare thing for me to buy from a site I an unfamiliar with, I purchased this game after the demo. What I would like to see in the sequel is a less passive Brunhilda. I think Brunhilda should be able to make more assertive statements when asked to complete tasks should as finding all the Ninja throwing stars in order to leave the rat's city. There is a game that I have played and enjoyed called Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure which demonstrates the kind of sassy responses from the main character that I am suggesting. I demoed Jolly Gang from the developer's site and was able to enjoy the original game version instead of the watered down version offered from other sites. Perhaps if one of your developers demo the Jolly Gang game you would be able to understand what I'm suggesting. A sassy Brunhilda would add an extra layer of humor and interest to the game in my opinion. After all the Demon was pretty sassy when he had an opinion.
Mon, 12 Jul 2010 (18:48)
So far, I have had but one complaint, and that is in the graphics area. When being given a new task and it has pictures of what to find, I would like for those drawings to be more realistic. In other words, please show a "real" picture of what it is we are to find, instead of just a very light drawing of the item. I have found a few things to be very unlike the drawing. Other than this minor problem, I have enjoyed the game very much. I am halfway thru Chapter 8 and am going to be very very sad when I finish. One other suggestion....maybe make more chapters to part 2. Maybe 15 or 20 instead of just 10. Thank you for a wonderful game. I love it, can't wait for Part 2.
Suzanne Sutton
Mon, 12 Jul 2010 (18:02)
I would dearly love to see Brunhilda sent back to the Ancient Celtic stories and battles! There are literally HUNDREDS of ancient stories (and therefore no copyright problems) where faeries, goblins, leprechauns, druids, great warriors (male & female), Kings, Queens who are powerful in their own right, Gods & Goddesses, etc. each having a story to tell. There must be at least ten of the ancient's stories I can think of right now that would work nicely with Brunhilda and her Daemon. Someone above mentioned the ancient Isles which would include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Britain (and each of the small parts these lands were comprised of thousands of years ago). If contacted I will gladly give you titles to several ancient texts with the stories already told)Brunhilda is my most favorite game EVER!
susie5 idea:
Mon, 12 Jul 2010 (16:44)
Verena kept her magical powers whilst held in the stasis bubble, escaped and has captured Filemon and Brunhilda's Aunt Jane trapping them in the Realm of Terror. Vincent, able to travel between dimensions, alerts Brunhilda and Demon and with help from ALL other established characters sets out to rescue them. I'd like to know more of the Realm of Terror, where the dwarves went and why? Also, bring back Gruber!
Maintain, please, mini-games which reflect the story being played maybe with more variety; (I like Match-3 too); the same rich layers in the current game - the humour, storytelling, sound effects, magnifier, Easter-eggs, hand drawn graphics, music, original actors and if you must change Brunhilda's voice, which already portrays a calm, controlled, unflappable, independent, different heroine, please don't allow her to have the drippy or strident tones we often hear nowadays. A mix of different types and modes of gameplay adds to the challenge, appeal and enjoyment. I am certain we are in good hands for the sequel and it can't come quickly enough.

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