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Brunhilda 2 - Help us make a great sequel!

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Mon, 12 Jul 2010 (15:50)
I agree with several submitters that maybe the Aunt can be in the sequel. Not fond of the demon's teeth, not sure what would be best though, full set, less scraggly or none at all.
Also don't like Brunhilda waving her arms every time I find something.
Love the voices for all but Brunhilda, she's doesn't have the personality everyone else does. Her clothes colors, green and purple? Also, are her pants torn or are the marks on the leg supposed to indicate folds?
Hidden objects are very small and in dark places. The magnifying glass helps but hurts my eyes after awhile.
I only got to the spider so can't offer much about the direction of the next game, except keep the great voices and fun conversations.
Another bothersome is when a new goal is established keep it out of the dialog box and just show it at the bottom like other games do.
I'm going to buy this one because of the wonderful graphics and storyline.
Deborah idea:
Mon, 12 Jul 2010 (02:36)
Make the game longer and make the next journey a journey to the tropical islands and she could find different fruits and animals of the jungles on these islands along with special gems or jewels to find for extra points or bonus puzzles.
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (21:06)
Brunhilda is such a great game it is hard to improve it. I have really enjoyed it. It could be a little longer. I think you could do more different puzzles and with more difficulty. The ending was sort of flat and I don't know what you could do about it other that going to a very difficult higher level maybe without any help. Other than that it was great Keep up the good work
Melissa idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (20:07)
I generally don't like hidden object games but I really enjoyed Brunhilda because of the story and the objects at least had something to do with the storyline, I hope to see the same in the sequel. I'd also like to see more variety in the minigames, they became repetitive after a while. Also, I'd like it if it was less linear and gave the player some choices on where to go next and what to do.
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (19:33)
I think that the sequal should take Brunhilda to the Australian Outback. Good opportunity to use the many diverse animals and terrain that is there. Let her interact with a Koala or Kangaroo as the mascot this time. Also an opportunity to introduce the world of gaming to some of the local phrases and words like G'day. You could also have her interact with the Aboriginis.

There are the Opal fields in Western Australia to explore, the sand storms that prevail in that part of the world. Georgeous costal regions.

Consider her looking for some ancient artifacts pertaining to Aborigini myths or leaders.
Sheila idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (18:45)
For the sequel, I'd like to suggest that you create a romantic interest for Brunhilda and Verena to compete for and let Demon get jealous over the fellow's attentions or attraction to Brunhilda. Make Demon suspicious of the guy's real motives perhaps [and maybe in the end he ends up right and the guy is nefarious--better suited to Verena--or maybe not and he finds himself drawn to the guy's own daemon/muse [female, naturally]. Introducing someone that both gals are interested in will keep the story engaging, especially with the witty dialogue you guys employ.

Please do add variety with the minigames, but keep them intrinsic to the game plot. Suggest you take care not to make the games ones which involve speed as many of your demographic are losing skills in that area, while their 'puzzling' abilities remain high :) If you create the possibility of choosing a more difficult setting for play, leave out the sparkles and quick suggestions for resolutions and allow us to find our own w
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (18:33)
Can you make Brunhilda a little more animated? She is cute but so stiff!
In the last scene with the wicked witch maybe time limits to keep the game more challenging
Deborah idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (18:09)
I want to help you design another sequel to the Saqqarah game!

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