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Brunhilda 2 - Help us make a great sequel!

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Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (18:02)
Please plan a MAC version! Love your games, but need to have Mac versions -


Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (16:13)
Too many of the same type mini games. Make the mini game different and harder as the level progress. Lighten up the hidden objects, some are impossible to find. Have more than one difficulty level, easy or advanced. Graphics are great, but please change the voices. I loved the first game!
Gloria idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (16:12)
Perhaps Verena could be causing problems for "Demon's" friends or family. He is absolutely adorable! Naming him Demon is like calling a playful pet (or child, even) a "little imp": it is a cute and affectionate term of endearment. We know Verena is a bad sport; and she has vowed to be back to cause problems. She would undoubtedly target harmless, vulnerable beings. Please keep the high quality of dialogue and voice acting; that added a lot to the overall game. Please continue the lovely, gentle humor; because that keeps the game from being dark. Verena will surely have a "sidekick"; who will be as mean, underhanded, humorless and spiteful as she is. Perhaps part of the sub-plot could be the interaction between Verena and her "assistant"; and the inevitable friction and power struggle between them. Verena's "underling" could even work against her, at times, due to her mistreatment of him/her. In any case, please maintain the sense of fun and family enjoyment.
Carol idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (15:58)
I just love love this game. The graphics were some of the best. Loved the audio on this game.

As an additional mini game ... sliders are fun.

Keep up the excellant work.
Pertigal idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (14:13)
I thought Brunhilda wasn't given much personality. Her voice was monotone and she never said much of interest. This should change! We never got to meet her aunt (trying to remember to be sure) and she sounds like fun. She should be in #2. I would like to see the evil cat return seeking revenge, lol.
Felimish idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (09:50)
I really enjoyed the game, the art, the humor, the exotic and quirky locations. However, finding list after list of objects got a little repetitive. Even the 3 puzzles stayed the same, and felt more like arcade games. I'm a big fan of Codeminion's Treasure Seekers series. Keeping all the charm and uniqueness of Brunhilda, I would suggest more puzzles thrown in, with a little variety. Something to give our eyes a break from the searches. Maybe this would please the puzzle gamers as well, not only the HOG fans. And kudos for welcoming suggestions. It's a great idea to involve gamers at large. Again, thanks for the opportunity.
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (08:43)
I would hope that Brunhilda 2 will not be so linear as Brunhilda is. What I mean by that is, the player should have a variety of place to go or search in order to advance in the game. Brunhilda's greatest fault, to me, was the fact that one had to do one task and then another in a certain order in order to progress in the game. My favorite games are those that have a variety of locations available to me and force me to figure out what to do next in order to solve a problem. Other than that, I really wouldn't change much at all.
nananessa idea:
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 (04:38)
Firstly i would like to say how much i have enjoyed Brunhilda.
For a sequel I would like to see more variety in mini games. Maybe Verena could break through from the Magical Realm and somehow Brunhilda and her could match some sort of magic in the 'real' world.If not that then they should meet again in the Magic Realm. Maybe you could play as both characters with an opposite demon as well. Dont change the style of graphics or humour both are perfect. Please make sure the voice actors dont change how they say things half way through! And make sure you include celery !! :):)

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